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Pooka Reference Sheet by pookat Pooka Reference Sheet by pookat
This is my character Pooka, and my first reference sheet ever.

Name: Pooka
Species: Puca of Irish folklore [link] alternatively, a goat
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite things: Pears, mushrooms, colors, nature, pranks/scaring people, sweets

She is a shapeshifting creature, but rather than change species she generally alters aspects of her form to meet whatever needs she has at the time (see bottom right corner for examples.) She can not gain or lose matter, so her size generally stays the same and if she did something like make her arms longer she'd have remove length/size from something else to compensate. No matter what she transforms into she is always monochromatic with yellow eyes and teeth. Despite lacking much color she has a deep fondness for colorful things. Although she can change her form the pictured one is her normal appearance, she stands around 5'8. She has no breasts and an average/stocky build with a few touches of feminine figure especially evident in the hips, buttocks and thighs. Her arms are also very long with large 3 fingered hands.

Despite having wings she is flightless, rather she is able to manipulate the density (specifically weight) of her matter. So she is able to reduce this low enough that she becomes nearly weightless and floats a few inches above the ground, she is more often floating than standing. If she wants to move around quickly, she will jump forward with her strong legs with a reduced weight to launch herself fair distances through the air. Conversely she can also increase her weight, so theoretically she could jump up above something and then increase her weight to fall on it and cause damage to it. However she is not indestructible, and is actually fragile when falling so she has careful limits on the weight she takes on when coming down on something.

Personality-wise she is generally a benevolent, lighthearted trickster. She strives for balance and moderation in all things (yin yang which her markings are influenced by) but struggles with duality, more often than not expressing two extremes equally rather than finding a happy medium. For as much as she is social and loving she can have moments of anti-social behavior, for all the time she spends being encouraging and enjoying other's accomplishments she can has private streaks of jealousy or spite. She keeps her two extremes in check and private, and is careful to share only the best she can manage with those she interacts with. She's a little bit socially awkward, silly and mysterious but she's mostly harmless. Also on one last note, she is fiercely honest and never lies, she doesn't comprehend lying and is very gullible.
FungalZombieX Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome another fanged goat!
AceTrainerFraya Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
I just realised almost everytime I visit your page I look at this again. Such a neat and interesting character and a great ref sheet as well.
pookat Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Hehe thank you, I worked hard on both the ref sheet and her design and am quite pleased with it.
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